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Сиун разговарвает со старейшиной Квоном?

Хорошая: так как художник смог начать рисовать главу раньше обычного, она будет больше. Сразу 26 страничек!
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Basic summary is that Shiwoon wakes up, sees Kwon. SUC arrives, Shiwoon tells Kwon he'll hold them off and leave Jini in his hands. Kwon sees Jini, gets all frantic, sees Jini is alive, realizes the reason Shiwoon fought was probably because of her. Bitch arrives, sees Glasses on the ground (note that even the SUC members call him Cool Guy o_O), tells the members to take him to a hospital and wonders if he got ganked while fighting JiGun (since she doesn't think ShiWoon could have done it himself). Kwon asks ShiWoon why he chose to engage in a duel beyond his capabilities, ShiWoon says it's not really the time for asking that, Kwon asks again louder. ShiWoon says his friend was in danger, and he'd rather die than run away and leave a friend behind.

Flashback time and we see Elder Kwon in his youth training when some dude comes up. Younger Kwon calls him 소가주 in which 가주 means family head. So maybe he's like the son of the Family Head? I dunno, other teams will probably translate that better. Either way the dude befriends Younger Kwon despite Kwon continuing to insist that he's but a simple vassal of the SunWoo clan. The dude expresses dissatisfaction with how the SunWoo clan is right now, and wants to make it the strongest clan out there. He tells Younger Kwon to become the strongest warrior in murim because he sees potential in him, despite Younger Kwon's protests.

Apparently he was correct, since Younger Kwon's martial arts ability rose greatly, and the SunWoo clan managed to expand its territories. Then one day Middle-Aged Kwon wakes up from battle to see Family Head (guess I'll just call it that for now?) fatally wounded, having taken damage while protecting Middle-Aged Kwon. Middle-Aged Kwon asks why he did it instead of just leaving him behind. Family Head tells him it's because they're friends. Middle-Aged Kwon tells him he's being ridiculous since Middle-Aged Kwon is just a vassal whereas the Family Head is supposed to lead the SunWoo clan. Family Head tells Middle-Aged Kwon that he's being ridiculous, since he'd rather die than leave a friend behind.

Family Head expresses regret that he won't see Gyul get married to HeJin and that HeJin would probably be very beautiful as a bride. (Gyul is, obviously, SoSul's father and the previous family head) Middle-Aged Kwon gets pissed and tells him that he should confirm that with his own eyes (in other words, not die and live to see it). What makes this somewhat special is because Middle-Aged Kwon's last words to the Family Head aren't formal (somebody of lower status speaking to someone of a higher position) but more informal (like friends). Family Head asks Middle-Aged Kwon to carry on their dream and not to cry.

Back in present, Elder Kwon (no longer Younger or Middle-Aged) notes that he didn't ever want to see a stupid family head throwing his life away for a vassal and tells ShiWoon that he fought well, and that he'll take care of the rest.

Then ownage happens.

Elder Kwon: Starting from now I'll show you...

Elder Kwon: Just who you dared to lay your hands on is.

*Note: Elder Kwon refers to ShiWoon as 분 which is a way of denoting someone of important position. In other words he's probably been infected by the ShiWoon virus that makes you worship and adore him. :3

> Elder Kwon sees JiNi hurt, realizes ShiWoon was fighting to protect her
> Flashbacks with his time with a previous previous family head
> Not TOO sure if the previous previous family head is the previous family head's brother or father. His similar age to Kwon (presumably) might imply father but I dunno, since Gyul seemed somewhat older than HeJin.
> Back when Kwon was younger, the family head guy was referred to as Small / Young Family Head so back then he was probably the son of the family head of that time, and presumably became the family head sometime between Younger Kwon and Middle-Aged Kwon, since Middle-Aged Kwon refers to him as Family Head during his death.
> In other words, the Family Head that Kwon looks up to is NOT the previous Family Head (Gyul) but the one BEFORE him. On the other hand, the Family Head that Asian Kimbo Slice (Elder Jun) looks up to IS the previous Family Head (Gyul).
> Kwon sees resemblance of previous previous Family Head in current Family Head, wrecks SUC punks and tell them that they'll pay for hurting the Family Head (ShiWoon).

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