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For those of you curious about whether Elder Kwon is "the second strongest in Murim" or "the strongest second-in-command", the translation by A-Team is the wrong one. SeRa tells HaIl that Kwon is the only person among the 10 Murim Great Masters who's a second-in-command. In other words, someone who's strong enough to be one of the 10 Murim Great Masters could easily establish a clan / school of his own, but Elder Kwon chooses to stick with the nearly-dead SunWoo clan despite that fact.
Kwon JeGyu is known as the "최강의 2인자". 2인자 means second-in-command, and 최강 obvious means the strongest. In other words, the strongest second-in-command, I believe?

SeRa believes that the only reason Kwon wants ShiWoon dead is because he thinks that ShiWoon is harmful / unfit for the clan, and that if he were to see ShiWoon differently then he would change his thoughts. Which is exactly what happened.

HaIl, on the other hand, thinks Kwon is just waiting to take the clan over. Which is wrong, but he can't really be blamed for thinking that way, considering how his last conversation with Kwon went.

Hyuk and Gang Sung finish their conversation from before, and the topic turns to the state of the Murim. Hyuk says that the ChunDoMoon is expecting Gang Sung to take a stricter approach as the Head of the Alliance. Gang Sung understands that Hyuk is talking about his SaJe (School Brother), the one who shot the Nine Arts Dragon during the events of the first series. This is because using firearms goes against the basics of MuRim. Hyuk tells Gang Sung that if Gang Sung truly understands that the MuRim is in danger, then he has to show that he can make drastic / bold decisions.

Mask's surname is JeGal (제갈;)l. Which is a two letter surname, which is pretty rare in Korea. I've only met one person in real life with a two letter surname, and he was my math teacher in my second year of Middle School, whose surname was NamGoong (남궁;). Which also happens to be a name I've seen pop up in martial arts stuff. Mask's name isn't given, simply his surname.

제갈, at least to me, brings up one thing and one thing only. 제갈공명 / 제갈량, in other words Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdoms.

Hyuk tells Mask that he was right, Gang Sung called him to ask for his help. Mask compares Gang Sung and the Alliance to a sinking ship, and says that despite Gang Sung's request, the Murim will get even more chaotic, and the the strength of people like Hyuk will be required.

JiNi wakes up, sees Kang. Kang gets angry that she didn't contact him... and tells her that he was worried. Doctor arrives, Kang asks him if he can leave. Doctor is surprised, since Kang was anxious and stayed up watching over JiNi the entire night. Kang gets all annoyed and leaves, telling JiNi to take care of herself and that if she goes out and gets hurt like that again he'll really scold her.

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